The Bellingham Path Dash returned for its third year. If you are unfamiliar with the Path Dash, it is an awesomely dorky 1 v 1downhill longboarding path race.

Mirko Paoloni South Africa trip Vol 1

The first of two videos from team rider Mirko Paoloni's trip to South Africa! He smashes this road and gives a glimpse into what the country has to offer.

Ben Pellet in France

During Ben's last road trip he got the chance to hit few of the best french roads, after few hours on the road, they made it ! This one was one of our favorite trips to date.

GNARNIA 2018 Recap - OSU Longboarding Club

Stoked to help support another year of this awesome event! Gnarnia is the Longboard Club at The Ohio State University's annual Push Race and Slide Jam. Check out the recap video to see what went down!

Tepe and Tacos Family Freeride 2018

We had the pleasure of spending 3 full days in the mountains of Santa Maria with over 200 skaters! The event Tepe and Tocos hosted by Kevin Reimer is an event to attend for sure.

Origin Distribution Spring 2018

The new year is officially in full swing! The Origin factory is cranking out boards, new products are ready to be released, and we couldn't be more excited for 2018.

"Aloha Bih" Three Part Series

Take a trip with David Bubier and Chris Anders as they fly over seas to skate down the mountains and hills of Hawaii.

Longboard Freestyle Jam - Leesburg, VA

We're stoked to be supporting the upcoming Freestyle Longboard Jam in Leesburg, VA at the Evergreen Sportsplex! On October 28th riders from all over will come to show off their best flatland.

Skim Jam - Korea

More updates from Shinji! A couple weeks back, Shinji traveled to Korea to help share his passion for flatland skimboarding with the young scene.

Skim Jam - Japan

We just got loads of pictures from last months skim jam in Japan with Shinji Ogawa and DB Skimboards Japan! The event was held at Shinmaiko beach and had a great turnout.

Cloud Ride Community Freeride

Last week we held a small freeride session with our man Nick Pappas. We had everything from hard wheels, hard crashes, to huge pack runs. We had many spectators and new people trying the sport!

Welcome to Seattle

Team rider Devon Klingenberg paid us a visit up in Seattle and got a little sendy on the Keystone 39.

2017 Dash Point Pro/Am Video is up!

We just finished up the video for the 2017 Dash Point Pro/AM that was filmed and edited by Tyler Myers! It was a great day filled with fun and skimboarding.

Skate Sun Peaks

Follow a few of our team riders make thier way down Skate SUNPEAKS!

This event is way to good too pass by next year!

Kiss N Tell Slide Jam

Good times at the Kiss n Tell Slide Jam with the Seattle crew out in full force!

Video courtesy of Morgan (@megzuki.on.wheels)

Japan | Rayne Skyline Tour Pt.4

Day 7: After our success finding the last 2 unmapped mountain roads, we were eager to try our luck again and continue searching.

Japan | Rayne Skyline Tour Pt.3

Since we get up at 5am every day, it was only 1pm by the time we’d packed our gear and started driving to Bandai-Azuma skyline.


We're stoked to announce that Origin has teamed up with Rayne longboards and will now be managing all manufacturing and distribution for the brand.