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Cloud Ride is on a mission to figure out how much fun one can have while riding a skateboard. Cloud Thane is known worldwide for its quality and smooth, consistent riding characteristics. From downhill, to freeride, to cruising and carving - Cloud Ride has as wide selection of high performance wheels suitable for every skater.

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Get To Know Cloud Ride Thane

At Cloud Ride Wheels we spend a lot of time in the lab mixing up new and creative Urethane formulas. Get to know each of our formulations and get educated on what will work for you!


Our classic formula is world-renowned for it's sugary slides and predictable hookup. This formulation makes for well rounded wheels that are great for sliding, freeriding, and downhill longboarding - the perfect balance of slip and grip. Our classic thane is also miraculously grippy in the wet! Wheels that use this thane: Freeride, Mini Slide, Slide, Mini Ozone, and Ozone


Our Race Thane is designed with an extra high molecular weight to increase it's energy return and roll speed. This urethane has outstanding grip and resiliiency and can with stand high levels of abuse on even the most challenging pavement. This urethane is the result of over 3 years of testing and is damn hard to store and pour! Get stoked - our race thane will be releasing in the spring of 2016. Wheel's that use this thane: Storm Chasers


Our Ice Formula is designed for the long standup slides, putting, and technical slide manuevers. This urethane has good resilliency and an icy feel. Wheels that use this thane: Iceeez


Our Slush formula is very similar to our Ice formulation but is less resillient. This makes for a wheel that can hold out long slides but sheds more urethane, giving the rider more control. Wheels that use this thane: Slusheez

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